Railo Training in Australia

Sep 1 2010

Railo Training in Australia

Posted by AJ Mercer at 8:00 am CFML | Railo

updated 20 Sept 2010

Railo are once again sponsoring cf.Objective(anz) with Gert Franz and Mark Drew attending the conference. As well as doing a couple of sessions, they will both be available before and after the conference to run the 3 day Railo Administrator Training Course.

The course is of a technical nature, though will cover some of the basics of CFML, and is aimed at those that are planning to use Railo in production and need to know everything about the background of the engine. You will learn very many details about the engine and its configuration. Here are a couple of highlights from the course:

  • Installing Railo
  • Configuring the application server
  • Performance tuning
  • JVM tuning
  • Railo tuning
  • Hardening the Railo Server

The training will cost $1797 for the 3 days. As well as the training, you will be eligible to to apply for certification (and once qualified you can become a Railo Partner), and you will also receive 20% off Railo Professional Services. Please let me know if you would be interested in a compressed one day session. This would cost $599, but would not have the same benefits as the 3 day course.

If you would like more information please email me at andrew@getrailo.org (or leave a comment here) and I will keep you up to date. Please let me know what state you are from and if any others from your company may be attending as well. If the numbers warrant it, the training could be taken to your state.

Also, please let me know if you are able to provide a venue - Railo will offer a 50% discount for one attendee.

For those that are thinking about becoming a Railo Partner, your company will need at least one certified person which can be done after the training. There is no cost in becoming a partner once you have a certified engineer. You just provide support and promote Railo.

Schedule Update (14 October 2010)

10 -12 November - Perth

15 - 17 November - to be confirmed

22 - 24 November - Northbridge (venue to be confirmed. please leave a comment if you have a venue)

The plan is to run the Sys Admin session over the first two days (which can leand to certification) and the third day as an open Q&A session


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AJ Dyka

AJ Dyka wrote on 09/02/10 10:01 am

Is there any interest in having a training session run in Sydney?

AJ, what numbers would it take to have a course run here?
Chris Bauer

Chris Bauer wrote on 09/07/10 5:15 pm

FastHit would be interested in training in Perth - not quite sure how much time we'll have in Melb after cf.O! Any other Perthians interested?
Gert Franz

Gert Franz wrote on 09/16/10 10:02 pm

Hi Chris,

we're good either way. We can come up to Perth if enough people are showing up for the training. We'll figure somehing out with AJ...

Gert Franz
Railo Technologies

Chris wrote on 09/27/10 8:41 am

+1 for Sydney training!

Brett wrote on 09/29/10 6:13 am

SYDNEY!! 8-) In fact, move the whole conference here please for real..
AJ Dyka

AJ Dyka wrote on 10/11/10 12:59 pm

OK, we've got funding approval for 4 seats of the 1 day course for performance tuning and hardening.

Time to rally the community and get more people confirmed to make sure this happens!
AJ Dyka

AJ Dyka wrote on 10/11/10 1:01 pm

ps: We're in Sydney :)
Kym Kovan

Kym Kovan wrote on 10/11/10 1:50 pm

+1 body for the short course in Sydney

casey wrote on 10/11/10 3:06 pm

One here for Sydney short course :)
AJ Mercer

AJ Mercer wrote on 10/13/10 9:10 am

I have updated this post with schedule dates for Perth and Sydney.
AJ Dyka

AJ Dyka wrote on 10/13/10 9:48 am

So it's basically the 3 day course compressed into 2 days?
AJ Mercer

AJ Mercer wrote on 10/13/10 9:52 am

@AJ Dyka - yes it is a compressed session. Once the schedule is published I will as attendees what is most important to them so those points are covered in detail.
AJ Mercer

AJ Mercer wrote on 10/15/10 7:28 pm

The course dates and schedule are now available at http://www.getrailo.com/index.cfm/services/training/training-in-australia-november-2010/ along with a form to register your interest in a City. Melbourne is still a possibility.