Railo Express with Virtual Hosts

May 27 2009

Railo Express with Virtual Hosts

Posted by AJ Mercer at 7:19 PM Railo

I wanted to play around with Railo's Extentions without too much messing around. So I thought I would use Railo Express, but I wanted a web site per application, so they could run from the web root. After a bit of Googling (with google cache to the rescure for www.railo-technologies.com/en/index.cfm?treeID=211) I found out how to get this working. This blog is mostly for my personal records, but if it helps others that is great too.

In /contexts directory you will see railo.xml. Make a copy of this file, eg railo-mangoblog.xml, and then edit it.
Find the following
    <Set name="resourceBase">
        <SystemProperty name="jetty.home" default="."/>/webroot/
and change webroot to a new name, eg webroot-mangoblog

In the same file, uncomment the virtual hosts section and add you domain. eg
  <Set name="virtualHosts">
    <Array type="String">

Save this file.

Next create the directory you just defined in the same directory as webroot.

(Re)Start Railo using the BAT file(s). You should see a WEB-INF directory being created for you. You can now administor you site for that domain, eg http://mangoblog.railo.org/railo-context/admin/index.cfm