Railo and webonix.net third anniversary

Oct 17 2010

Railo and webonix.net third anniversary

Posted by AJ Mercer at 10:03 pm Railo | Webonix


I have documented the history of webonix.net on the server page, but I thought I would take the opportunity to take a walk down memory lane and see were it all started.

Railo first came to my attention around October 2006. I don't recall exactly how Railo came to my attention, but it would have been one of my searches for a free CFML engine. I messed around with New Atlanta's BlueDragon for awhile before I came across Railo, and while I had issues with both, it was Railo struck accord with me. On 27 October 2008 I sent a question to Railo via their contact us page and received a prompt reply from Gert Franz. Gert was extremely helpful and patient with me; helping me come to terms with J2EE and how to compile Apache connectors. In November 2006 I swapped from Fedora to Ubuntu 6.1 and on the 9th I had webonix.net/railo running. By then I was having a crack at machBlog (mach-ii). There were some issues running this, but very quicly address by Railo and Gert showed me how easy ith was to apply a patch. on the 15th of November Gert gave me a sneak peek of what was then called  Railix (now call express) 1.1 and told about extracting the Railo jar files from lib to update my existing installation.

At the start of 2007 I was now also trying other frameworks on Railo - Fusebox, ColdBox and Farcy 3; this time with Jetty, then back to Resin. Gert was still there patiently helping with out with Apache vhosts. I was also around this time we started chatting about the CFML landscape. I was still having issues with frameworks and Railo kept pumping out fixes. In May Railo getting ready for Scotch on the Rocks and getting ready to announce Railo 2.0. On the first of June Railo 2 was announced and release, and download by yours truely to do some ColdBox 2 and Farcry 4 testing. On the same day I introduced Luis Majano to Gert to discuss the issues and was experiencing I was having with the ColdBox Dashboard. Luis was very happy to know the framework run on Railo and was determined to get the Dashboard running too - and well, you know the rest ;-) In Jun I was taking a look at Matt Woodward's UG application that run on mach-ii and ColdSpring and also Mark Mandel's Transfer. On the 23 October I received a nice little present from Railo - a licence key for Railo 2.0 Pro. 

August 23 was when I first downloaded MangoBlog - the blog engine that is still running this site now. There was a couple of minor issues, and this time it was Michael Streit the stepped in to help me out. On the 1 September I had MangoBlog running on Railo which Laura was very happy about; and once again, you know the rest ;) It looks like the web server when through some more rebuild and early blog posts were lost, but I will go by my server page's date and say 15 October 2007 was go live.