Railo 3.1 Open Source is here

Apr 1 2009

Railo 3.1 Open Source is here

Posted by AJ Mercer at 2:00 AM CFML | ColdFusion | Railo

The beta of Railo 3.1, the Open Source version, was released to day. I will update this blog entry once I have had a little play with this much anticipated release. One of the first things I will be checking out is the Extention Manager - download and install application from the Railo Administrator. Gert has been letting a few sneak peeks slip out that makes me think I will not be getting much sleep tonight (2am release in Perth).

Railo 3.1 LogoAlong with the engine, new web sites too.

If you want to know more about Railo, and will be in Sydney in May (21-22), make sure you see Gert Franz at webDU 2009.

I am offcially a Railo Fan - it says so right on their site ;-)