Perth CFML Web Developers

Feb 10 2013

Perth CFML Web Developers

Posted by AJ Mercer at 7:23 am CFML | ColdFusion | Railo

I have started a group on 'Group Spaces' : Perth CFML Web Developers

Join fellow CFML (Adobe ColdFusion, Railo & openBD) developers to share ideas about building modern day web applications and development best practices.

I was going to put it on, but that is a paid services now. Google has not from the group on Group Spaces :-( Maybe I should bite the bullet and create a facebook group??


AJ Mercer

AJ Mercer wrote on 02/10/13 7:49 am

Just created a Facebook Group with the catchy name of
AJ Mercer

AJ Mercer wrote on 02/10/13 8:36 am

Created a group address, so now has a friendly URL - that looks like a cfml page ;-)