New Hardware for

Aug 10 2013

New Hardware for

Posted by AJ Mercer at 10:26 am Farcry | MangoBlog | Railo | Webonix

For the first time in it's history, is running on new (second-hand, but only3 months old) hardware :-)

I was looking a getting another second-hand notebook for around $200~300. Then at JB Hi-Fi I saw the ChromeBook - Acer for $299 and Samsung for $349. I was prepared to pay this much, but found 2 on Gumtree in Perth! Long story short, I picked up one that was only 3 months old for $230.

I wondered if you could load your own applications onto Chrome OS, but after some Internet searching discovered that Google actually allows access to the OS and also supports dual booting (with security to protect it's partition). I discovered ChrUbuntu and Jim Priest also recommented Crouton - which enables you to have Chrome OS and Ubuntu running at the same time. I could not get Ubuntu to start up automatically, so have settled on ChrUbuntu.

Once installed, it is check business as usual in a Ubuntu Environment. I used ViveoTech's Railo Installer to install Railo 4.1 and let it set up the connectors to Apache 2.

Next I just copied the websites from the old server which has the Railo settings in WEB-INF within the web root so the sites just ran (I set up mySQL thhe same and kept the same paths).

The performance is fine once the site has started up. Mango Blog and Facry CMS sites take about 20 seconds to display the first page, but pages after that are quick.

Upgrading by down-sizing

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