New ColdFusion Podcast

Jun 16 2008

New ColdFusion Podcast

Posted by Webonix at 8:57 pm CFML | CFUGWA | ColdFusion | Railo

Sadly, ColdFusion Weekly has come to an end :-(
Well done to Matt and Peter for 80 podcasts over 2 years.

But the good news is Brian Meloche has got some buddies to gether to pick off were the weekly left off. Check out the new ColdFusion podcast here.

In the first session, after all the intros, they do a wrap-up of all the ColdFusion conferences that have being going on. Event though no one at the round table were at webDU 2008, some one (I think Jeff Coughlin), gave webDU big kudos.

Next the podcast moved into the two newly announced Open Source projects, openBD and Railo 3.1. The round table said a lot of favourable comments about Rail. They also discussed comments made by Vince (for which he got refered to a part of the male annatonomy that will loose them a PG rating, and the communities reaction to it.


Best wishes Brain and Co.