I am speaking at webDU 2010

Feb 24 2010

I am speaking at webDU 2010

Posted by AJ Mercer at 9:42 am CFML | ColdFusion | Railo

come see me at webDU 2010 I have been to many webDU conferences, including the first one when it was called webMX, and am going this year too - but this time as a speaker

This will be my second time as a conference speaker. The first time was at the inaugural cf.objective(anz). My session was about not getting hung up on trying to build applications with design patterns and OO principle that you don't understand. The point being, if you don't understand them, they are not for you; they are to solve a particular problem, and if you don't understand it, then you probably don't have the problem. The session was just talking (well to be truthful, maybe a bit too much reading) - no slides, no code. I am not too sure if people want this sort of session. I whizzed through it way too fast (nerves), but had intending to have a general discussion at the end for people to share their experiences and thoughts. I think with bit may have saved my session - so thank you to those that participated in the chat.

This year, I will be continuing on with the same theme, but this time with slides, but probably more significantly, code. After taking a look at a few lite frameworks for ColdFusion, I have recently settled on Sean Corfield's Framework One framework. My originally thinking that these lite frameworks would be a stepping stone / learning application for the bigger frameworks, but the authors argue that their frameworks are industrial strength.

The session, after the obligatory introduction slides, will be going through not only the development life cycle of an application, but also your personal development as a developer. It will start off with the HTML mock up of a site, and how to move that into the FW/1 views and then set up layouts. From there move into simulated data and form posts, the 'bad way'. Next some re-factoring of the application to utilise controllers and services. I am also planning on covering security and time allowing, sub-sections.