I am going to become a Cub Scout Leader

Mar 18 2008

I am going to become a Cub Scout Leader

Posted by Webonix at 9:20 pm Scouts

My Son has been with Scouts for about 2 years; first as a Joey and now as a Cub. That whole time I have been a parent helper.

I wasn't in Scouts as a kids, but am making up for lost time now. So I turn up once a week and help out, and by that I mean join in whatever they are doing or making. And I get to go on camps and excursions - all for free!

So I figured if I getting all of this, then I should be putting something back. So I have signed up to become a Cub leader - dib dib dob (actually, they don't even say that) .

The Scout Association of Australia - Western Australian Branch

UPDATE: 17 March 2008

Class of March 2008
The class of March 2008
The future of Scouts in Western Australia is in good hands.