Australia now has a Railo Community Manager

Jun 10 2010

Australia now has a Railo Community Manager

Posted by AJ Mercer at 8:42 pm CFML | Railo

...and it is me.

I have been a long time of CFML and over the last four years an ever increasing fan of Railo. This blog went live on Railo 15 October 2007. Gert Franz spent a lot of time with emails and Skye calls helping me set up my web server and we have been chatting about CFML and Railo ever since.

So last Thursday I get another call from him to discuss Railo AU, which I keep bugging him, and recently Peter Bell, about all the time. But this time he asks me if I would like to join the Railo Team and  be the Community Manager for Australia (and APAC). I felt very honoured to be offered this voluntary role and immediately accepted.

So if there is anything you would like to know or need assistance with I can be contacted at andrew @ getrailo . org



Tunç wrote on 06/10/10 10:46 pm

Congratulations, Andrew. I am sure Farcry community will benefit from your new role :)

MrBuzzy wrote on 06/11/10 8:37 am

This is great news. Congrats AJ!