Adam Lehman on Railo Open Source

Jun 10 2008

Adam Lehman on Railo Open Source

Posted by Webonix at 9:07 pm CFML | Railo | ColdFusion

I was very keen to see what Adam Lehman had to say about Railo's announcement about going Open Source and joining forces with after has scathing attack on New Atlanta for their openBD product.

I was actually surprised, and delighted by what I read. From what I have read, Adam has personal issues with New Atlanta, which may have had a lot to do with the tone of his blog entry. But in this blog he says Railo are doing it for the right reasons and have choosen the better licence. Perhaps we can read into that - less threatening for Adobe?? Maybe Railo have been more open with their intentions; I know Gert was keen to talk to Adobe before the big announcement

There is a little confusion about what Railo will do with their Enterprise product. From may chats with Gert, I was under the impression that they would still be selling this version. I am sure Railo will clarify this shortly.

He also makes a good point about the partnership with Redhat - will Railo be tied to Jboss?
Just as Adobe's CF8 is branching out to more J2EE Application Servers, is Railo aligning itself with one?

From my point of view, a huge fan of CFML - it is all good