A CFML framework for the rest of us - Reclaimed

Aug 22 2009

A CFML framework for the rest of us - Reclaimed

Posted by AJ Mercer at 9:00 am CFML | ColdFusion | Railo

After taking a look at FW/1 I posed a blog tittled 'A CFML framework for the rest of us'. Shortly afterwards, I got a comment (slightly tongue in cheek) from Chris Peters say that was ColdFusion on Wheels catch phrase / slogan.

I have not looked a cfwheels for a long time; about when the ownership changed hands and I think it may have had some issues with Railo (v2). So I downloaded and installed on Railo 3.1 and got the welcome page up :-) That motivated me to look at the excellent cfwheels documentation and do through the examples. The tutorials are very basic, but give you a good understanding of the philosophy behind cfwheels (which is based on Ruby on Rails).

I also took the opputunity to take a look at Russ Johnson's CMS built on cfwheels call Splash CMS. So far all I can say, besided saying it looks great, is that it does run on Railo 3.1; which will be no surprise to those that know Russ. I am hoping this will be a good project for me to dig into and see how to build applications with cfwheels and will blog about it shortly.