A CFML framework for the rest of us

Jul 30 2009

A CFML framework for the rest of us

Posted by AJ Mercer at 5:16 pm CFML | ColdFusion | Railo

I have been looking at a number of frameworks for awhile but have found them to be either:

  • too complex / hard to get my head around
  • seem like overkill for the applications I build
  • have too much plumbing for my liking

and on some occasions all of the above.

Sean Corfield (Mr Frameworks) is currently working on something that I think is going to suit me nicely - FW/1. Introducing Framework One will tell you all about it.

It is a conventions based framework, like cfWheels, that does not need a lot of configuration to get started. Something that I really like is you can start your site off with just views (and layouts), and then add controllers and services in later. This means you can have a site up and running very quickly; no messing around with plumbing / listeners / general OO headaches.

Conventions and auto-wiring feels a little like black magic at first, but once you understand the rules (FW/1 documentation is really good and there are plenty of example apps), it is a joy to work with.

And for a single file framework (one CFC of about 400 lines), it is no light-weight in terms of functionality; full MVC and hooks to popular bean factories like ColdSpring. It currently runs on ColdFusion, Railo and soon Open BlueDragon.


Chris Peters

Chris Peters wrote on 08/20/09 10:31 am

Did FW/1 replace Wheels as the "framework for the rest of us?" I was hoping that we could hold onto our status as the un-framework for a while longer. :)
AJ Mercer

AJ Mercer wrote on 08/20/09 11:01 am

Hi Chris, Sorry about that - I most likely subconsciously ripped it off. If you like the conversion over configuration idea, definitely check out ColdFusion on Wheels http://cfwheels.org/
Chris Peters

Chris Peters wrote on 08/20/09 9:43 pm

I was only kidding. I think that I'll mark is as a success when Wheels is no longer a rebel but an established player. :)