This is the web log of Andrew Mercer

This blog will explore the wonderful world of CFML. I am a Adobe ColdFusion Developer by day, and Railo hacker by night.  I came across Allaire ColdFusion in 1996 when I was just getting to HTML. I was evaluating different ways of getting data out of the RDBMS (I was a DBA at the time) and spat it onto a web page. I stopped looking when I found CFML. I become a ColdFusion Web Developer in 2000. I was around to see Macromedia add Flash to ColdFusion. I was around to see Adobe added PDF to ColdFusion. I plan and being there for many more improvements.

I started looking a BlueDragon's Free CFML engine, and now Railo's Community Engine. For CFML to survive against PHP, .Net or Ruby, there needs to be a free engine. I will keep an eye on Smith Project too.

Family Life

I was married in 1995. I have two children, born 1998 and 2001. Two children is enough for me; one for each parent, one for each hand. Any more than that and you are out numbered. We live in Perth, Western Australia.

Email: andrew AT webonix DOT net
Twitter: @webonix

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