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Nov 2 2009

Lite Application Frameworks for ColdFusion

Recently there seems to have been some backlash against monolithic application for ColdFusion - they are too hard to learn, there require to much effort to set them up ...But probably the works criticism of all, is they take the fun out of ColdFusion development.

In reply to this, a number of 'lite' application frameworks have sprung up. For Example

So I was wondering,

  • how good are these frameworks?
  • can they hold there own again the big Frameworks?
  • and are they really easier to pick up and run with?

I was also wonder how the authors of the 'Lite' frameworks feel about

  • the framework used as a learning tool / stepping stone to a 'real' framework
  • they are for 'Hobbyists', not 'Real developers'

And in the future, will the authors feel the need to implement requests for developers that will turn the 'lite' framework into monolithic application?

Posted by AJ Mercer at 10:38 am - Categories: CFML | ColdFusion | Railo