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Jun 16 2008

New ColdFusion Podcast

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Jun 14 2008


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Jun 13 2008

webDU 2008 :: Day 1

All checked in and ready for be dazzled ...

 Nectarine show off past movies.


 Actually, there is just too much to blog...

..and there is a party to go too

Will write up later

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Jun 11 2008

webDU 2008 :: Day 0

AJM @ Sydney

Arrived in Sydney at 7am, trained to Darling Harbour to check in, walked to Circular Quay and finally forfilled a mission I set 10 years ago - caught the ferry to Manly and had brunch.

Then back on the ferry, then a train to Adobe HQ for a User Group meeting.

Next, Code Wars; but not before a shower that I think me team mates will appreciate.

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Jun 10 2008

Adam Lehman on Railo Open Source

I was very keen to see what Adam Lehman had to say about Railo's announcement about going Open Source and joining forces with after has scathing attack on New Atlanta for their openBD product.

I was actually surprised, and delighted by what I read. From what I have read, Adam has personal issues with New Atlanta, which may have had a lot to do with the tone of his blog entry. But in this blog he says Railo are doing it for the right reasons and have choosen the better licence. Perhaps we can read into that - less threatening for Adobe?? Maybe Railo have been more open with their intentions; I know Gert was keen to talk to Adobe before the big announcement

There is a little confusion about what Railo will do with their Enterprise product. From may chats with Gert, I was under the impression that they would still be selling this version. I am sure Railo will clarify this shortly.

He also makes a good point about the partnership with Redhat - will Railo be tied to Jboss?
Just as Adobe's CF8 is branching out to more J2EE Application Servers, is Railo aligning itself with one?

From my point of view, a huge fan of CFML - it is all good

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Jun 5 2008

Scout Leader Training - Skills 1

The training continues, my 2nd out of 3 weekends was at Manjedal. Many from my Essentials weekend were then and a lot of new faces. For the skills training, we were spit into our sections, then the Cubs were put into Sixes - I am in Tawny (the same Six my son started in :-)

This was pretty neat, not only were we learning how to be Leaders, but also go to see it from the Cubs point of view. The only down-side was the Trainers kept on reminding us that there were only good Cubs this weekend. Slackers!! If only it was that easy to get Cubs to behave. Well, actually, it didn't work on the adults, so why should it work on kids.

And those that know my, it will not be a surprise to read that I was one of the 'cheeky' Cubs. When one of my fellow trainees was doing a discussion on sportsmanship (which I corrected him on - twice), he asked 'What would happen to all the kids that were not all that good at playing football?' Well that was too good an opportunity to let slide - 'They would get signed up by West Coast Eagles'. That earned me some time on the thinking chair - So I thought about how the Dockers were going this weekend.

I was amazed to see how quickly to two Sixes became extremely competitive and were quick with the taunts and mocking. Then after thinking about it for a bit, I don't think the kids are not as bad as us.

After a very long first day, I was looking forward to a good sleep; so I would be fresh and keen the next day to get right back into it. When I went into a dorm, one of my fellow trainees warned us all that he snored - and quick loudly; Yeah thats cool we all said. Well, by 3am it all came to much for me. I tried the hallway for a while, but I could still hear him. Then I found a bench under the stars and tested out my new -5 sleeping back (I think the rating is about right). So after staring at the Southern Cross for a while a listing to the possums running across the rooftop (which was still quieter than the snoring) I got a couple of hours sleep.

The second day was as good as the first, a nice mix of class work and outdoor activities. And a nice mix of being a Leader and a Cub. It is good to be able to have a practice run at being a Leader, and it is great fun being a Cub (no wonder Scouting is so popular). And the trainers seem to have just as much time too - which is a good thing considering the lousy pay conditions.

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Jun 5 2008

Railo goes OpenSource

Today Gert Franz from Railo Technologies announced at Scotch on the Rocks that they will release an Open Source version of their CFML engine which will be available on

This comes hot on the heals of New Altlanta's announcement that BlueDragon would have an Open Source version of their Java based product.
The big difference here is the partnership with The JBoss Application Server is a popular J2EE server and has many community projects that provide services and feature for free. Railo's inclusion to this community will bring CFML to a whole new audience.

Railo on

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