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Mar 18 2008

I am going to become a Cub Scout Leader

My Son has been with Scouts for about 2 years; first as a Joey and now as a Cub. That whole time I have been a parent helper.

I wasn't in Scouts as a kids, but am making up for lost time now. So I turn up once a week and help out, and by that I mean join in whatever they are doing or making. And I get to go on camps and excursions - all for free!

So I figured if I getting all of this, then I should be putting something back. So I have signed up to become a Cub leader - dib dib dob (actually, they don't even say that) .

The Scout Association of Australia - Western Australian Branch

UPDATE: 17 March 2008

Class of March 2008
The class of March 2008
The future of Scouts in Western Australia is in good hands.

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Mar 8 2008

Today I signed up for LinkedIn

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Mar 7 2008

Farcry applies to join Google Summer of Code

As Dr Karl Kruszelnicki says, if you can not explain something, you don't really know it; and I have found the best way to learn something is to teach it.

So, with that in mind, when Geoff Bowers asked for Farcry Mentors for his application to Google Summer of Code, I put my hand up. I would really like to see a full-blown Blog Plug-in for Farcry, so if any students are interested in this one, so am I.

Read Geoff's Farcry application to Google Summer of Code.

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