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Nov 15 2008

I dont mind standing on the train...

...well, not too much

And I don't mind moving to the back so TransPerth can squeeze in more people in (well not too much, would prefer more carriages put on)

BUT... when the train gets to the city, all the people that have been sitting down for the whole trip, staring at their books / phone / shoes to avoid eye contact with old / pregnant people, deside that is when they want to stand up - well that is when I do mind!!

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Nov 1 2008

Bring on the Mo

day 0

The MoGyver's (PSL IT) are doing their bit for men's health - by growing a Mo. I think we would raise more money from our partners by not having one- but hey, it's a man thing.

mo benderYou can check out my progress and make a donation to Movember here

Movember - Sponsor Me

Update: 30 Nov 2008

The final product.
Thank you to every one that donated to our team.

day 30

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