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Nov 2 2014

Belt Sander Racing

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Mar 5 2009

Trust your Technolust

you can donate too

Yasager Pineapple guarding my wi-fi and Evil Server has taking over the hard drive.
Pinnaple guarding my wi-fi

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Dec 23 2008

nearly getting left behind in 2008

2008 was nearly a year when I got left behind in all the cool techno stuff; which has got me asking myself, 'Am I getting to old for this sh!t?'

First it was the iPod. Overpriced glorified MP3 player I said - now I own two and am looking seriously at the iPhone.

Then Twitter. Who cause that you need a coffee I said - now I tell my followers when my 5senses order come in.

Now it is Guitar Hero. Just testing it to make sure it works I said. Just one more song I said. Oh, you want an encore, OK I said. Now my fingers are bleeding so much I don't think I will be able to wrap it up.

So I used my daughter's present to take a photo of my son's present. QA 100% successfull. Time to go some wrapping - well as soon as I have finished blogging.


Merry Christmas and a Happy 2009.

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Nov 15 2008

I dont mind standing on the train...

...well, not too much

And I don't mind moving to the back so TransPerth can squeeze in more people in (well not too much, would prefer more carriages put on)

BUT... when the train gets to the city, all the people that have been sitting down for the whole trip, staring at their books / phone / shoes to avoid eye contact with old / pregnant people, deside that is when they want to stand up - well that is when I do mind!!

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Nov 1 2008

Bring on the Mo

day 0

The MoGyver's (PSL IT) are doing their bit for men's health - by growing a Mo. I think we would raise more money from our partners by not having one- but hey, it's a man thing.

mo benderYou can check out my progress and make a donation to Movember here

Movember - Sponsor Me

Update: 30 Nov 2008

The final product.
Thank you to every one that donated to our team.

day 30

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Oct 14 2008

You know Summer is coming when...

Summer can not be far away when you see the girls in the city racking up their breasts like solar panels

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Aug 12 2008

Two Crappy computers be come one

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