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Sep 19 2016

Serious Web Development

After using their product for over 10 years and admiring them from a far, I am now one of the daemonites

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Nov 16 2015

List File Shares and report disk usage

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Nov 11 2015

Try CF

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Feb 15 2015

Lucee Server unable to reach Patch Server

If you are checking for new patches and get message dev.lucee.og | | can not be reached, read this post for instruction of one off manual update of lucee.jar.


So just this once you need to update manually, apologies, luckily that is very simple:
1. download the "lucee.jar" from here:
2. stop Lucee
3. replace the existing lucee.jar, with the one you just downloaded
4. start Lucee

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Jan 30 2015

Hello Lucee - New open Source CFML Engine

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