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Feb 10 2010

In search of the Holy Grails of web development

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Nov 2 2009

Lite Application Frameworks for ColdFusion

Recently there seems to have been some backlash against monolithic application for ColdFusion - they are too hard to learn, there require to much effort to set them up ...But probably the works criticism of all, is they take the fun out of ColdFusion development.

In reply to this, a number of 'lite' application frameworks have sprung up. For Example

So I was wondering,

  • how good are these frameworks?
  • can they hold there own again the big Frameworks?
  • and are they really easier to pick up and run with?

I was also wonder how the authors of the 'Lite' frameworks feel about

  • the framework used as a learning tool / stepping stone to a 'real' framework
  • they are for 'Hobbyists', not 'Real developers'

And in the future, will the authors feel the need to implement requests for developers that will turn the 'lite' framework into monolithic application?

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Sep 7 2009

Sign up for a piece of the CF.Objective(ANZ) action

The cf.objective(anz) committee have been working around the clock over multiple timezone and international banking laws and are now ready to accept your registration for CF.Objective(ANZ) 2009 in Melbourne, AU on November 12-13. Get in before October 12 for early bird price of $769

The conference speakers and program has been locked in and many Sponsors are getting behind this event.

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Aug 22 2009

A CFML framework for the rest of us - Reclaimed

After taking a look at FW/1 I posed a blog tittled 'A CFML framework for the rest of us'. Shortly afterwards, I got a comment (slightly tongue in cheek) from Chris Peters say that was ColdFusion on Wheels catch phrase / slogan.

I have not looked a cfwheels for a long time; about when the ownership changed hands and I think it may have had some issues with Railo (v2). So I downloaded and installed on Railo 3.1 and got the welcome page up :-) That motivated me to look at the excellent cfwheels documentation and do through the examples. The tutorials are very basic, but give you a good understanding of the philosophy behind cfwheels (which is based on Ruby on Rails).

I also took the opputunity to take a look at Russ Johnson's CMS built on cfwheels call Splash CMS. So far all I can say, besided saying it looks great, is that it does run on Railo 3.1; which will be no surprise to those that know Russ. I am hoping this will be a good project for me to dig into and see how to build applications with cfwheels and will blog about it shortly.

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Aug 14 2009

CF.Objective() Conference in Melbourne, Australia

About 12 months ago Mark Mandel approached me and other ColdFusion User Group Managers to see if we would be interested in helping him bring CF.Objective() to Australia. I thought this was a brilliant idea and was happy to do what I could to make this happen. So very quickly a committee of keen Australians and CF.Objective() owners was formed. Then a stray Kiwi made his way into the group and cf.Objective(ANZ) was off the ground.

Adobe came on board as the main sponsor, and committed to sending some speakers. Then very quickly speakers from all over the world signed up to become speakers.

Lots of activities have been happening to make this conference come to life, and today we released the program for cf.Objective(ANZ). Find out more about cf.bjective(ANZ) here and make sure you follow cf.Objective(ANZ) on Twitter for the latest updates.

Thanks to every one on the committee for making this happen, and thanks to cf.Objective() for bringing the conference to Australia.

So, get out your magic marker and draw a big circle around 12th and 13th of November 2009, and start looking for cheap flights to Melbourne. I have got a flight home already - now to organise getting there.


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Aug 8 2009

Time to get serious with frameworks

I have been taking a look at Framework One and it has motivated me again to learn OO development for ColdFusion. A part of this learning is to investigate Transfer ORM as well.

But like all good projects, it starts off with a bit of procrastination. So I have updated Railo to and MangoBlog to 3.1. Now that is out of the way, time to get stuck in.

Hmmm, maybe some lunch first ...

13:37 Transfer tBlog seems to be running fine

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Jul 30 2009

A CFML framework for the rest of us

I have been looking at a number of frameworks for awhile but have found them to be either:

  • too complex / hard to get my head around
  • seem like overkill for the applications I build
  • have too much plumbing for my liking

and on some occasions all of the above.

Sean Corfield (Mr Frameworks) is currently working on something that I think is going to suit me nicely - FW/1. Introducing Framework One will tell you all about it.

It is a conventions based framework, like cfWheels, that does not need a lot of configuration to get started. Something that I really like is you can start your site off with just views (and layouts), and then add controllers and services in later. This means you can have a site up and running very quickly; no messing around with plumbing / listeners / general OO headaches.

Conventions and auto-wiring feels a little like black magic at first, but once you understand the rules (FW/1 documentation is really good and there are plenty of example apps), it is a joy to work with.

And for a single file framework (one CFC of about 400 lines), it is no light-weight in terms of functionality; full MVC and hooks to popular bean factories like ColdSpring. It currently runs on ColdFusion, Railo and soon Open BlueDragon.

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